Nhibernate Error Dehydrating Property

Error Function and Complimentary Error Function

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3625 [5176] DEBUG NHibernate.Impl.BatcherImpl (null) – Building an IDbCommand object for the SqlString: INSERT INTO [Parent] DEFAULT VALUES; select SCOPE_IDENTITY() 3625 [5176] DEBUG NHibernate.Persister. EntityPersister (null) – Dehydrating entity: [NHRepro.Parent#<null>] 3625 [5176].

Check the DB – all is good and the foreign key is what you'd expect it to be. Post question on Mindscape's forum; Get lunch, read Iain M. Banks' new book. Full error dialog consists of: Error dehydrating property value for NHibernatetest. Customer.Address Inner Exception: Make sure that the maximum index.

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c# – NHibernate: Error dehydrating property – What the heck. โ€“ Jan 27, 2017 ยท I'm doing a fairly complex NHibernate transaction in a financial system, creating a payment, recording the ledger entries, checking to see if the payment is the total.

NH 3.3.0GA Bug with NVarChar(MAX)/NText? – Google Groups โ€“ Apr 26, 2012. It throws the following error: The length of the string value. length="2147483647 " />. </property>. The original mapping worked fine before. This looks like a pretty bad bug to me. I was wondering if anyone else could confirm this. https:// nhibernate.jira.com/browse/NH-2528. I suspect you'll need to specify.

Aug 26, 2009. Next, there is the treatment of reference properties, what NHibernate call many-to -one associations. handle change tracking (with Davy's DAL currently doesn't do), we have a much more robust way of doing so, because we can simply dehydrate the entity and compare its current state to its original state.

I have a class called ProjectTaskBudget that has a property of type IBudgetableIncomeStream, like so: public class ProjectTaskBudget { public virtual.

I am getting the error Error dehydrating property value for while committing during update. I have searched and it looks similar to NHibernate: Error dehydrating.

Property length parameter is not used on. – NHibernate JIRA โ€“ Property length parameter is not used on SqlClientDriver. Error dehydrating property value for Homework.Domain.Orders.Order.Details —> NHibernate.

Feb 21, 2016. DistributedLockService – (null) – Error while trying to acquire lock 'Orchard. JobsQueue.Services.JobsQueueProcessor'. [(null)] NHibernate.AssertionFailure: null id in Orchard.Tasks.Locking.Records.DistributedLockRecord entry (don't flush the Session after an exception occurs) at NHibernate.Event.Default.

Feb 2, 2010. and I get the "proxies cannot be fetched by a stateless session" error. My code is something along these lines: using (var session = sessionFactory. at NHibernate.Properties.BasicPropertyAccessor.BasicGetter.Get(Object target). NHibernate.PropertyAccessException: Exception occurred getter of. XXX.

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