Error Accessing Registry Regopenkeyex Returned 2

Error writing value's new contents on registry-how to Fix on Windows 10 [Tutorial]

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Registry cleaners also claim to optimize your registry, defragmenting it for faster file access. At first, this sounds great — your registry is constantly being used, so surely defragmenting it will offer improvements in speed, right? Wrong. Or.

Jun 15, 2004. Reading and Writing Registry Keys with Visual Basic Pages: 1, 2, 3. Opening a Registry Key. Opening the key is always the first step involved in working with a registry key (unless you intend to work with one of the top-level keys, which are always considered open). Once you open the key, you work with its.

RegOpenKeyEx returned 2. do is to use Process Monitor so you can see which key you are really accessing. Why is RegOpenKeyEx() returning error code 2 on Vista.

Error Accessing Registry Regopenkeyex Returned 2. flag to get a generic description of the error. are accessing from a.NET application and I can access it no.

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It is failing with error code 2. Why is RegOpenKeyEx() returning error code 2 on Vista 64bit?. Keep getting error 2 (Registry path does not exist).

Python win32con.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Examples – RegOpenKey(win32con.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "Software\Microsoft\ Windows\Help", 0, win32con.KEY_ALL_ACCESS) try: try: path = win32api. RegQueryValueEx(key, helpDesc)[0] if FileExists(os.path.join(path, helpFile)): return os.path.abspath(path) except win32api.error: pass # no registry entry. finally: key.Close().

This is the system error number, the error number returned by the Registry API functions. "RegDeleteKeyA" ( _ ByVal HKey As Long, _ ByVal lpSubKey As String) As Long Private Declare Function RegOpenKey Lib "advapi32.dll" Alias " RegOpenKeyA" ( _ ByVal HKey As Long, _ ByVal lpSubKey As String, _ phkResult As.

What process, ID, etc do I have to dofollowturnon to allow this com dll access to my registry key on a Win 2008, IIS 7.0 server?. okay, I gave permission to the key and got farther, but now I receive a 'File Not Found' (return code of 2) on my call to function RegOpenKeyEx of advapi32.dll. I am told by. – Go Walker – Package registry provides access to the Windows registry. Here is a simple example, opening a registry key and reading a string value from it. k, err := registry.OpenKey(registry. ErrNotExist = syscall.ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND // ErrUnexpectedType is returned by Get*Value when the value's type was unexpected.

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Oct 31, 2014. This flag must be combined using the OR operator with the other flags in this table that either query or access registry values. the return value is a 0, and set nonzero error code, and set Extended error code defined in WinError.h ; @ Extended: -1 = unable to use the DLL file, ; -2 = unknown "return type",

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All of the details are available, but the call to the Power BI service returned an error. traffic uses TLS 1.1 or 1.2 (and to prevent the use of TLS 1.0 on your gateway), you must add or modify the following registry keys on the machine.

Aug 19, 1998  · Hi darren, i’ve copied this straight out MSDN, maybe it helps you—–Accessing the registry The first step in accessing the registry collections is to.

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